Alanya is a seaside resort on the Turkish Riviera and is located 125 km east of Antalya. Alanya is the capital of the eponymous district in the east of Antalya province.

Because of its natural strategic position on a small peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea below the Taurus Mountains, Alanya has been a local stronghold for many Mediterranean-based empires, including the Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. Alanya’s greatest political importance came in the middle Ages, with the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum under the rule of Alaeddin Kayqubad I, from whom the city derives its name. His building campaign resulted in many of the city’s landmarks, such as the Kızıl Kule (Red Tower), Tersane (Shipyard), and Alanya Castle.

The shining star of the Mediterranean, Alanya, is the perfect tourist destination with its long, sandy beaches, historical artefacts, natural beauty, fish restaurants, contemporary hotels, cafés, bars and discos. Alanya welcomes you with its 13-century Seljuk Castle, which is situated like a crown at top of Alanya’s peninsula.

An unprecedented shipyard and monumental Kizil Kule are located beside the impressive castle. The summit of the Alanya peninsula where the castle is located is the place to take in the best view of Alanya. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants for people who want to enjoy this magical view. In in the gift shop you can buy handmade souvenirs and ornaments to bring a little piece of Alanya home with you.  The Alanya viewing terrace is another point to view all of Alanya. There are a selection of cafes and restaurants to enjoy while making the most of the amazing view. As well as watching the panoramic view from the terrace you also can have a picnic in green fragrant gardens.

Cafés are surround Alanya harbour and provide different atmospheres during the day and night. Along the harbour you will find boutiques selling clothing, leather, jewellery and local coloured bedeck gourds. On the way to harbour you can find artists who can draw your portrait or any picture you want. If you enjoy cave exploring you must visit Dimcay cave and Damlatas cave. Next to the Damlatas cave you will find Alanya ethnography museum. Daily boat trips from the harbour will take you to 3 different caves the Fosforlu cave with phosphorescent rocks (phosphorous Cave), the Asiklar cave (Lovers Cave) and the Kizlar cave (Girls Cave) where the pirates kept women captive. Dimcay valley to north of Alanya is a unique relaxing area for people in the hot Mediterranean summers. In the valley away from the heat you can relax in shaded pergolas, swim in the cold water of Dimcay River and enjoy the delicious fish.

Alanya authorities have carried out comprehensive studies for their residents and visitors, Alanya is still developing with the aim of providing better services for its residents. Along the shore line in Alanya there are paved walking paths and public green parks by the beach, which has shaded sitting areas for people who wants to rest after walking, some of these green parks are equipped with exercise equipment and some of these parks have water features to enjoy.

Alanya, the city where the sun is always smiling has a typical Mediterranean climate with least 300 sunny days per year and the temperature rarely drops below10°.

Alanya is one of the most attractive tourist destination with its exceptional scenery and historical attractions. The harmony of the modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere in Alanya draws millions tourists to this region all year around. Reasonable prices, hot Mediterranean weather, long, sandy beaches, historical attractions and rich Turkish cuisine attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world.  Surfing, para-sailing, jet skiing are some the sportive activities on Alanya beaches. Night clubs, bars, restaurants and live music clubs offer an exciting night life to the holiday makers in Alanya. The tourism industry earns 1.2 billion euro per year which accounts for 10% of the national income from Tourism.

Red Tower & Shipyard

On the peninsula stands Alanya Castle, a Seljuk era citadel dating from 1226, most major landmarks in the city are found inside and around this castle. The current castle was built over existing fortifications and served the double purpose of a palace of local government and as a defensive structure in case of an attack. In 2007, the city began renovating various sections of the castle area, including adapting a Byzantine church for use as a Christian community centre. Inside the castle is the Süleymaniye mosque and caravanserai, built by Suleiman the Magnificent. The old city walls surround much of the eastern peninsula, and can be walked. Inside the walls are numerous historic houses, well preserved examples of the classical period of Ottoman architecture, most built in the early 19th century.

The Kızıl Kule (Red Tower) is another well-known building in Alanya. The 108-foot (33 m) high brick building stands at the harbour below the castle, and contains the municipal ethnographic museum. Sultan Kayqubad I brought the accomplished architect Ebu Ali from Aleppo, Syria to Alanya to design the building. The last of Alanya Castle’s 83 towers, the octagonal structure specifically protected the Tersane (dockyard), it remains one of the finest examples of medieval military architecture. The Tersane, a medieval dry-dock built by the Seljuk Turks in 1221, and measures 187 by 131 feet (57 by 40 m) and is divided into five vaulted bays with equilateral pointed arches. The Alara Castle and caravanserai near Manavgat, were also built under Kayqubad’s authority and have been converted into a museum and heritage centre.

Atatürk’s House and Museum

Atatürk’s House and Museum, from his short stay in the city on February 18, 1935 is preserved in its historic state and is a good example of the interior of a traditional Ottoman house and contains artefacts from the 1930s. The house was built between 1880 and 1885 in the “karnıyarık” (stuffed eggplant) style. Bright colours and red roofs are often mandated by neighbourhood councils, and give the modern town a pastel glow. Housed in a 1967 Republican era building, The Alanya Museum is inland from Cleopatra Beach. With its rich architectural heritage, Alanya is a member of the Norwich-based European Association of Historic Towns and Regions. In 2009, city officials filed to include Alanya Castle and Tersane as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and were named to the 2009 Tentative List.

Since the first modern motel was built in 1958, which is considered to be the first year of the tourist industry in Alanya, hotels have raced to accommodate the influx of tourists, and the city as of 2007 claims 157,000 hotel beds. Damlataş Cave, which originally sparked the arrival of outsiders because of the cave’s micro-climate, with an average temperature of 72 °F (22 °C) and 95% humidity, is accessible on the west side of the peninsula with trails from Cleopatra Beach. Many tourists, especially Scandinavians, Germans, Russians, and Dutch, regularly vacation in Alanya during the warmer months. They are drawn to the area because of property prices, warm weather, sandy beaches, access to Alanya’s historic sites, and fine cuisine.

Other outdoor tourist activities include wind surfing, para-sailing, and banana boating. Attractions include Europe’s largest water park, Sea Alanya, and Turkey’s largest go-kart track. Hunting season also attracts some tourists for wild goat, pig and partridge hunting in area nature reserves.

Ten reasons to invest in Alanya and Turkey:

-Turkey is located in the middle of three continents.

-Property prices in Turkey are still low.

-Property taxes are low in Turkey.

-Within 8-12 years you could enjoy a nice profit from your rental property.

-If you relocate there yourself you’ll get to live among the historical ruins while still having access to modern amenities.

-The scenic coast line.

-The climate cannot be beat.

-Turkey has a low cost of living.

-The residents of this country welcome new residents and tourists with open arms.

-The economy is strong in Turkey and just keeps getting better and better.

 Tourism statistics

Foreign tourist arrivals increased substantially in Turkey between 2002 and 2005, from 12.8 million to 21.2 million, which made Turkey a top-10 destination in the world for foreign visitors. 2005 revenues were US$17.5 billion which also made Turkey one of the top-10 biggest revenue owners in the world. In 2011, Turkey ranked as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world and 4th in Europe, according to UNWTO World Tourism barometer. Also Turkey has been chosen second in the world in 2015 with its 436 blue-flagged beaches.

Top 10 countries whose residents provided the most visits to Turkey (2015 est.)
Country Number
 Germany 5 580 792
 Russia 3 649 003
 United Kingdom 2 512 139
 Georgia 1 911 832
 Bulgaria 1 821 480
 Iran 1 700 385
 Netherlands 1 232 487
 Iraq 1 094 144
 France 847 259
 United States 798 787


Year Arrivals
1995 7,083,000
1996 7,966,000
1997 9,040,000
1998 9,750,000
1999 7,460,000
2000 8,000,000
2001 10,400,000
2002 12,800,000
2003 13,300,000
2004 16,800,000
2005 21,200,000
2006 18,500,000
2007 23,340,911
2008 26,336,677
2009 27,077,114
2010 28,632,204
2011 31,456,076
2012 31,785,780
2013 39,724,912
2014 41,263,670
2015 36 244 632


Alanya has 10 local daily newspapers. One of these is Yeni Alanya, which includes the news and lifestyles magazine Orange and is available in English, German and Turkish. Two native German language newspapers are published in Alanya, the Aktuelle Türkei Rundschau and Alanya Bote for the community of German speaking residents and visitors. A monthly magazine Hello Alanya is published in Alanya for foreigners, in English and Dutch. The free regional newspaper, Riviera News, is printed in English and is widely available in Alanya.

Five radio stations broadcast from the city. Alanya FM Radyo broadcasts on 106.0 FM and is partnered with Radio Flash, on 94.0 FM, both broadcasting popular music. Other stations include Alanya RadyoTime on 92.3 FM, which broadcasts a variety of Turkish music, news, and talk programming. Two television stations are local to Alanya, Kanal Alanya, and Alanya Televizyonu, abbreviated ATV, which is partnered with Alanya RadyoTime.


Dozens of sailboats crowd a marina under a cloudy sky along a mountain-lined coast.

Alanya Marina was opened in 2010 at a cost of $10 million with space for 437 ships.

The D 400 Highway, the Alanya–Mersin Route, connects Alanya from the east and west, encircling it, and linking through the city centre via Atatürk Bulvarı. The D695, the Ankara–Akşehir Route, runs north–south and reaches the sea 41 kilometres (25 mi) west of the city near Side, connecting with the D400. Antalya Airport is 121 kilometres (75 mi) away and connects internationally. The new Antalya Gazipaşa Airport, first begun in 1992, is only 14.5 kilometres (9.0 mi) from the city, and was expected to have its first regular domestic flights on May 22, 2010, although international flights were not expected before the start of the 2011 tourist season.

There are bus and dolmuş routes out of Alanya’s two bus depots, but buses are usually limited to the major roads, and inside the city transportation is by car, taxi, or foot, as many roads in the old town are closed to vehicle traffic. The harbour includes cruise ship piers, and also seasonal ferries and hydrofoils depart for Kyrenia in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Cruise ships docking at Alanya have increased 50% in 2013, with 53 estimated to have brought 56,000 passengers by the end of the year. Further west of the city is the Alanya Marina, which started services in 2008. The 85-km2 (33-sq-mi) marina allowed Alanya to participate in the 2008 Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally. The city also invested in a community bicycle program with 150 bicycles and twenty terminals spotted though out the city.


Alanya is home to a woman’s basketball team, Alanya Belediye, which started in the first division but was relegated after the 2002 season. The city hosts a Süper Lig soccer team, Alanyaspor. The club was founded in 1948, and played home games at Milli Egemenlik Stadium. It played in the Second League between 1988-1997 and 2014-2016. The club finally promoted to the top level in 2015-16 season. In 2007, the city began constructing a new soccer facility with the intention of hosting winter competitions between major teams. The public Alanya Municipality Sports Facility is located adjacent to Milli Egemenlik Stadium, which is one of thirteen facilities.

Dozens of professional bicyclists’ race on a street lined with palm trees and pastel apartments.

The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey features a stage in Alanya every year.

Alanya’s waterfront location makes it suitable for certain events, and is perhaps most famous for its annual triathlon, part of the International Triathlon Union series, which has been held every October since 1990. Marathon swimming competitions have also been connected to the triathlon since 1992. Building on the triathlon’s success, Alanya hosted a modern pentathlon in 2009. Alanya is also the regular host of The Turkish Open, part of the Nestea European Beach Volleyball championship tour, which takes place in May. In 2007, the Turkish Volleyball Federation persuaded the European Volleyball Confederation to build a beach volleyball training facility in Alanya, and make it the exclusive “centre of beach volleyball in Europe”.

The city is also a frequent host to national events, such as the annual beach handball tournament. Alanya is the traditional finish site of the seven-day Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, though organizers reversed the route in 2012, and started the event in Alanya instead. Other cycling events include the Alanya International Mountain Bike Race. Additionally, the European Cycling Union had its 2010 European road cycling championship and 2010 ordinary congress meeting in Alanya.

And every day there is more and more in ALANYA

Districts of Alanya

Alanya Oba

Oba is a very famous area, only 4km to the east from Alanya city centre. Oba offers many cosy restaurants, shops, beautiful beaches and parks, where you can enjoy the sunshine everyday of your holiday.Alanyum shopping centre, Metro-gross market and Migros-hypermarkets are also located very close by. Every Monday you can find a local market in Oba. Many attractions like Dim-river (Dim Cayı) situated in a beautiful valley and Dim-cave (Dim Mağarası İşletmesi) are located just fifteen minutes’ drive away.  A property in the Oba district is a good investment and a nice area to live in, with many amenities located close by.

As of 2018 the population of Oba was of 21.778.

Alanya Cikcilli

Cikcilli is located 3km from Alanya city centre. This area is ideal for those, who want to live close to Alanya city centre, but prefer a quieter environment, mixed with local lifestyle. Cikcilli is very famous area for foreign people, especially Scandinavians and many of whom have found their ideal holiday homes in this area. Many markets, restaurants, smaller shops and big markets like Migros and Metro are located in this area. Alanyum shopping centre is also located in Cikcilli. Every Saturday, you will find a local market (bazaar) next to Migros-hypermarket in Cikcilli.

As of 2018 the population of Cikcilli was 19.030.

Alanya Tosmur

Tosmur is located next to Oba district, only about 6km from Alanya city centre. Tosmur has many facilities and is located beside the Dim-river. Surrounded by many green areas and a beautiful beach promenade and many shops, restaurants and markets around it is a central area. Tosmur is also a very attractive place to live and enjoy your holiday, it offers many luxurious residences with many facilities and very attractive prices.

As of 2018 the population Tosmur was 10.100.

Kestel – Alanya

Kestel area is a combination of local and foreign live styles. Kestel is the place for you, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the nature with magnificent views of the Taurus Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea. Luxurious residence complexes with many facilities and luscious gardens offers you a very tranquil and peaceful environment. You feel like you´re living in the countryside, with idyllic landscapes, a tranquil and peaceful district, and beautiful surroundings…. This is the real Kestel. Now is the time to invest to Kestel, because in a next few years Kestel will be one of the most popular areas in Alanya. You can reach Alanya city centre within fifteen minutes and Alanya Gazipaşa (GZP) airport is only 20 minutes away!

As of 2018 the population of Kestel was 10.599.

Alanya Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar has a long beach promenade and very lively town centre area with a vast array of amenities. A variety of shops, restaurants, bars, markets and other services can be found in the centre of Mahmutlar. Twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, you can find local markets (bazaar) in Mahmutlar, where you can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and even clothes and other items. From Mahmutlar you can easily reach Alanya city centre and Gazipaşa airport. Alanya Properties offers many properties, spacious and luxurious apartments with a beautiful views of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

As of 2018 the population of Mahmutlar was 39.896.

Alanya Kargicak

Kargicak is located to the east of Alanya and provides a tranquil environment, with its cosy village centre that has restaurants, markets and other services available. Kargicak is the area for you, if you like the beauty of the nature and apartments with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains. Kargicak is located very near the Gazipaşa airport and has easy connections to Alanya city centre also.

As of 2018 the population of Kargicak was 3.509.

Alanya Demirtas

Demirtaş is very close to Gazipaşa airport (GZP) and you can reach Alanya within 30 minutes by car. If you are looking for a peaceful area, close to nature, Demirtaş is the place for you.

Small town centre provides you amenities, you need in your everyday life. With it peaceful atmosphere, stunning views from both villas and apartments, and its ideal location with very attractive prices, Demirtaş also have vast potential for investors.

As of 2018 the population of Demirtaş was 2.953.

Tepe / Bektas

Tepe and Bektaş are located to the north of Alanya city centre, up on the hills of the Taurus Mountains.  The areas has breath-taking view over the city of Alanya. There are many locals living here with many new villas and apartments for foreigners also being built in the area as well. Also many local restaurants can be found in these districts, who offer traditional Turkish cuisine, especially a traditional breakfast, something everyone should try once in their life time.

As of 2018 the populations of Tepe and Bektaş districts were 671 and 809.

Alanya Konakli

Konakli is district is located 12km to the west of Alanya. In Konakli you will find local Turkish life mixed in with modern hotel complexes on the coastline. Lots of shops, restaurants and other services can be found from Konakli district. Konakli area offers also nice apartments with a panoramic views to the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains

As of 2018 the population of Konakli  was 16.062.

Alanya Avsallar
Avsallar is home to the very famous and beautiful sandy Fugla and Incekum beaches. An ideal location for those, who want to enjoy the beauty of Turkish nature and peaceful living. Avsallar has a nice long promenade that offers many shops, restaurants, markets, pharmacies and other amenities. Antalya International Airport (AYT) and Alanya-Gazipasa International Airport(GZP) are only 1 hour drive away from this lovely area.

Many people choose Avsallar, because the environment provides you peaceful and relaxed living conditions. Alanya Properties offer apartments with very reasonable prices. The residential complexes have beautiful gardens and many facilities. Weekly there is also a local market, where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.


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